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Lot Clearing

Our lot clearing services

Preparing a property for new construction or landscaping?

  • Utah Tree Works has the crew and equipment to provide a complete lot clearing or removal of trees for your new development or addition in Utah County and Salt Lake County and surrounding areas.
  • Our crew will quickly and safely remove trees, shrubs, stumps, debris, saplings, and more from your site. We will go beneath the service to remove or grind the roots and turn the earth into useful dirt.

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    Why do lot clearing with Utah Tree Works

    We have years of experience serving Utah County and Salt Lake County businesses and residences and our outstanding attention to detail has resulted in wonderful reviews. If you’re looking for a reliable company that can clear your lot from start to finish, contact Utah Tree Works today!

    Other Services

    Utah Tree Works also offers a range of services that relate to the overall health and nutrition of trees and plants. Some of our other services include soil conditioning, pest control solutions, disease prevention, and tree fertilization.

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