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Here are some questions to help you determine whether or not to removing a tree is the right choice.

  • Has the tree outgrown its area?
  • How healthy is the tree?
  • Is there trunk damaged?
  • Are there large dead branches?
  • Is the tree leaning?
  • Is the tree under or over power lines?
  • How much space is available for tree growth?
  • Is it a desirable species?
  • If you find that your answers point towards removal, then fill out the request for tree removal service below.

Tree Removal Service Request

First start by entering your zipcode. After submission, you’ll be redirected to where you’ll be able to fill out more information about yourself and sign up for your complimentary consultation.

Crane-assisted Tree Removal

Depending on location, access, and the type of tree, felling trees is truly a viable option. Yes, at times we yell timber; however, it’s often not possible to fell a tree in this way, due to proximity to a home, fence, utility lines, roadway, etc. That's where Utah Tree Works' cranes come in. Cranes can remove trees in tight or difficult-to-access areas. Cranes can lift the tree over buildings and obstacles, allowing the tree removal company to take down trees that might not otherwise be possible to remove. With a crane, the tree doesn’t have to fall, but is instead lifted out of the area vertically, piece by piece, and moved to a drop zone. Whatever the circumstances of your trees and your property, Utah Tree Works is prepared to get the job done!

Other Services

Utah Tree Works also offers a range of services that relate to the overall health and nutrition of trees and plants. Some of our other services include soil conditioning, pest control solutions, disease prevention, and tree fertilization.

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