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About stump grinding

We offer professional stump grinding services

  • If you want the stump removed with the tree we do it in-house. We don't outsource our stump removal. You only deal with us from start to finish.
  • We own a Barreto stump grinder. It's one of the very best machines in the world. We can get to and remove the 'hard to do' jobs with this incredible machine.

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Stump Grinding Info

Our stump grinders can through a gate that is as small as 36 inches. Instead of leaving stumps visible above the ground, we grind them down well below ground level so you can plant grass or other plants where the stump was. Depending on the stump size sometimes you can even plant a tree in the same place.

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Utah Tree Works also offers a range of services that relate to the overall health and nutrition of trees and plants. Some of our other services include soil conditioning, pest control solutions, disease prevention, and tree fertilization.

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