Removing brush from a yard

Brush Removal

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Reasons you may need our brush removal services include:

  • Overgrowth – Bushes and shrubs that are overgrown impede sunlight and prevent it from reaching plant life. This could result in a lot of dead flowers. Removing the bush or shrub will allow for healthier plants and a lot of new growth.
  • Deteriorating Health – Bushes and shrubs are not immune to insect infestations or disease. Dead and dying shrubs and bushes should be removed.
  • Change in Landscaping – People often remodel their landscaping the same way they remodel the inside of their homes. This process can include the removal of shrubs and bushes in favor of an entirely new design.

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    Clearing bushes

    Reclaim your yard. Keep your yard looking great with our brush removal services. Utah Tree Works is prepared to tackle brush removal projects of any size. That includes large-scale brush removal for land development, vegetation management for an overgrown property, or small-scale landscape-style brush removal for homes and businesses.

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    Utah Tree Works also offers a range of services that relate to the overall health and nutrition of trees and plants. Some of our other services include soil conditioning, pest control solutions, disease prevention, and tree fertilization.

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