Controlling pests in trees

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Controlling for insects in trees

Insects are one of the biggest enemies of the trees

  • Our pest control strategy includes injections, spray treatments, and manual control.
  • Injections: Soil and trunk injections place the materials where they are easily absorbed by the plants and quickly control the damaging pests.
  • Spray Treatments: Primarily using eco-friendly, bio-rational materials, we limit the impact of damaging pests.
  • Manual Control: This is the most expensive and time-consuming method. Cocoons, egg masses or the insects themselves can be removed by hand. This is not a solution that is often used, but it is always an option.

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Appropriate Treatments

Insects are one of the biggest enemies of the trees we love. With so many different species that can cause damage to your trees and shrubs make sure to hire an expert to assess and perform the appropriate treatments. Our trained experts are trained to treat your trees with minimal environmental impact at the appropriate times. We take the environment very seriously here at Utah Tree Works and strive to constantly use the safest and most effective methods available to keep your pesky insects at bay.

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Aside from our tree care and nutrition services, we offer general tree services which include pruning, stump removal, tree removal, and more.

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